Stone waterfalls

Stone waterfalls

What are

The stone waterfalls are the alternative to the plastic waterfalls, they certainly offer a natural look and create a pleasant corner within the green space where you can also recreate the relaxation area.

How to make them

The stone waterfalls are easily achievable. It is a question of having to look for boulders, and a system that allows the water to reach the top. The key thing is to look for the place to place them. The garden with swimming pool finds the possibility of creating a waterfall that falls into the pool itself quite interesting. It is certainly a demanding job that must be carried out with the utmost calm and above all by competent people. When it comes to having to create waterfalls at a certain height, you should never underestimate any aspect. At the end of the works the overall appearance of the pool will certainly be quite pleasant and the higher the height at which the waterfall will be placed, the greater the jump that the water will have to make before falling back into the pool. Of course, plants and flowers are used to complete the space, the garden made with succulents is certainly very suggestive, giving it an original appearance. Stone is a natural element that does not suffer any damage in contact with water. Furthermore, these waterfalls offer the possibility of recreating a natural corner within your garden. Anyone who does not have a swimming pool but does not want to give up the possibility of installing stone waterfalls, must choose a corner of the garden where it can be placed. The most striking effect is certainly given by the location of the waterfall in areas of thick vegetation. Often the same waterfall is not even noticed but only the sound of the water is heard. The pleasant relaxing effect allows you to recreate around this element a space suitable for relaxation. The water of the waterfall is generally collected within a basin also created through the use of stones. The water used is always the same, which is brought to the top through the use of a pump. The latter must be purchased at the necessary flow rate in relation to the amount of water that must be used. The stone waterfall is made visible during the evening hours through adequate lighting. In other words, it is a question of installing a system that is able to enhance this space, making it an element of the garden to be admired even at night, when the effect is certainly more suggestive. As this is an element of the garden, it is put into operation only during the summer, so the consumption related to the use of the stone waterfall is not prolonged throughout the year.

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How to choose it

The stone waterfall must be chosen taking into account the space available. In a rather small garden, the waterfall must be of a size proportional to all the other areas and must not occupy too large a space that could be reserved for other uses. Where there are no problems related to space, you can easily decide to install it according to the customer's taste. Relying on a specialized company, the customer can choose different solutions and the staff will take care of every phase, from design to construction. The cost of the stone waterfall varies according to the model chosen and the time required to make it. Anyone who has the possibility decides to insert this element in the garden because it enriches and completes it. In any case, it is an element that could also replace an ornamental fountain, for those who are perhaps looking for an alternative.

Stone waterfalls: Where to buy

To create a stone waterfall, you can contact the staff specialized in these creations or you can proceed with the do-it-yourself, which involves only the purchase of the necessary material. You can find everything you need at DIY stores and maybe even get some useful advice. Those who have no ideas on how to make a stone waterfall, can always take inspiration from the waterfalls made of plastic, replacing the plastic elements with those in stone. The stone waterfall is a fixed element of the garden that will be part of this space for a long time, unless you decide to remove it. It is important that during the design phase all the complementary elements that will have to be part of the garden are also established to avoid that, after having created it, you think you want to insert some other element to make it more interesting.

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