Eros or Cupid -, Greek mythology and Latin mythology

Eros or Cupid -, Greek mythology and Latin mythology


Capitoline Museums, Rome (Italy)

Eros in Greek mythology is the god of love and according to Hesiod he would have manifested himself at the beginning of creation, after the birth of Gaea (see Myth of the birth of the world) and therefore would be part of the pre-Olympic divinities, symbol of the creation and perpetuation of living beings while according to others Eros would be the youngest of the gods, son of Aphrodite and Ares (or Hephaestus) or according to others of Zephyr and Eris.

Venus and Cupid
Allori, Montpellier, Fabre Museum

Cupid making the bow
Parmigianino, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Eros was a god who was always represented young. He was selfish and cruel so much that Zeus advised Aphrodite to kill him. But Aphrodite did not have the courage to do so and therefore hid him in the woods where he was raised by wild animals making him even more capricious and evil both towards men and towards the gods. An example among all is the loving passion that infused Apollo for Daphne (see Myth of Daphne).

Generally Eros is represented as a very handsome boy with wings on his shoulders and a bow and arrow.

In his honor the Erotidie were celebrated which were held every five years.

According to what is handed down to us, Eros did not have love affairs. Only very late was his love for Psyche supposed.

In Latin mythology is identified with Cupid and retains the same attributes.

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