Neem oil

Neem oil


Neem oil is characterized by being obtained through a cold pressing process of the seeds of the Azadirachta Indica plant, which grows mainly within the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the Asian, American and Middle East continents.

It is a plant that has been widespread practically since 2000 BC and was defined as that tree that was able to cure diseases, while for the Arabs it was much more simply the blessed tree.

Neem oil contains particular molecules that are able to effectively fight viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as having numerous beneficial properties, including moisturizing and restructuring ones.


Neem oil is a very effective repellent for fighting mosquitoes, especially during the summer.

It is, as we have already said, only one of the many peculiarities that characterize this interesting oil.

To obtain an excellent home remedy, you can dilute a few drops of neem oil in a liter of water (which must be lukewarm or, in any case, at room temperature). a flake of Marseille flavor and then spray with a small and special hand tool.

Therapeutic properties

Neem oil is characterized by carrying out a fundamental antiseptic activity, which is mainly due to the rich concentration of limonoids, or the phenolic and sulphurous elements even if the entire phytocomplex is excellent and very effective.

Another beneficial activity that can be easily linked to neem oil is the anti-inflammatory one, since the presence of flavonoids, polysaccardii and limonoids allows to guarantee the carrying out of an action that is very reminiscent of that of aspirin.

Among the other beneficial activities belonging to neem oil we can highlight that insect repellent and insecticide: the rich presence of limonoids allows us to act effectively on the sensory organs of insects, to avoid that their appetite can procure contact with an uncovered part of our body.

Furthermore, the regenerating and healing properties of the epithelial tissues that can be traced back to neem oil are guaranteed by the high concentration of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, especially within the cell membranes.

Cosmetic properties

The fact of being able to concentrate within it considerable beneficial properties, such as moisturizing, restructuring and regenerating ones, allows us to consider neem oil as extremely suitable also to be used for the production of cosmetic products.

Moreover, neem oil can also boast interesting antiseptic and insect repellent properties.

In any case, in the cosmetic field, we can find a large number of products on the market that treat all those disorders that affect the human body at the skin level.

In fact, there are cosmetic products based on neem oil that are frequently used for the cure and treatment of psoriasis, but also of herpes.

We can also easily find products for the care and cleaning of the face, such as face masks that are made using, in large part, neem oil, to get rid of that unpleasant sensation of impure skin.

Neem oil: Usage

Neem oil, as we said earlier, is an excellent remedy for fighting mosquitoes, but it is also particularly effective when used as a larvicide and as a repellent, since insects cannot really stand the smell.

When using neem oil, you can be really sure that you have an excellent protective shield against mosquitoes and to avoid any kind of side effect.

Neem oil can be used by spraying it: in fact, after having mixed it with a little water, it can be sprayed on large surfaces, but also used on people and animals or sprayed in places where it is intended to give adequate protection in comparisons of insects.

Neem oil can also be spread, since it guarantees reliable protection especially for children, but it can also be a valid solution for pets: the application must obviously take place on the uncovered parts of the person, exploiting a few drops of neem oil that must be mixed with the cream usually used.

Neem oil is also able to fight very effectively against insect and parasite bites: in the event that, in fact, adequate protection to the skin has not been guaranteed and one has been hit by a mosquito, it can be applied neem oil, massaging it both over and all around the affected area.

In this way the swellings due to the mosquito bite will decrease in a short time, while both pains and particular itches will have a very short life.

For external use, therefore, neem oil can be used as a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory on the skin, while it can also be effective for the adjuvant treatment of mycosis.

How to apply Neem oil

Neem oil is a broad spectrum of pesticides, miticides, nematicides and fungicides. It repels a wide range of pests including the scale insects, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mites, fungal flies, beetles, grubs, fungus flies, leaf miners, caterpillars, locusts, nematodes and the Japanese beetle. It can be used as a family pesticide for ant, bedbug, cockroach, fly, sand fly, snail, termite and mosquito both as a repellent and larvicide. Neem oil also controls black spot, powdery mildew and rust (fungus). Neem oil is not known to be harmful to mammals, birds, earthworms and beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees and ladybugs.
I recommend Calwest brand Tropical Neem Oil as it is cold pressed 100% pure Neem oil, the best on the market.
Here I will explain the proper preparation and application of Neem oil for all plant types.Things that you will need
Neem oil, spray bottle, liquid soap

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Dilute Neem oil to 1 tablespoon per gallon. Most spray bottles hold around 32 ounces so you should use a little less than a teaspoon per spray bottle.

oil and water don't mix you will need an emulsifier to help disperse the neem oil in the water. Liquid soap works well and about a teaspoon per liter, or a couple of drops per spray bottle, should do the trick.

Apply enough solution to both sides of the leaves to provide complete coverage. Often mix the solution as a spray.

How to use it

  • By foliar way: dilute 50 ml of Agribios Neem Oil in 10 liters of water and spray abundantly on both sides of the leaf
  • Radically: dilute 200 ml of Agribios Neem Oil in 10 liters of water and wet abundantly near the roots
  • Larvicide in water: a teaspoon of Neem oil in standing water (saucers, vases with flowers, gutters, small uncoverable deposits, etc.) prevents mosquito larvae from reaching full development

Why is it so effective?

L'Neem oil it is so effective for break down pests and insects because it contains some substances that can block it insect development.

The active ingredient responsible for the antifungal and antiparasitic properties of this oil is l'Azadirachtina, belonging to the substances called limonoids.

This active principle it does not pollute the environment and is harmless to men and animals.

Furthermore, it degrades easily and does not accumulate in water or soil.

The set of substances contained in this oil causes changes in the moult in many insect species and does not allow them to form the external cuticula.

But, in any case, this Neem oil acts as repellent also against adult insects.

Finally, yours antifungal and antimicrobial properties make it effective even on one plant disease caused by a fungus, known as "bad white”.


Water soluble Neem oil - specific formulation for plants

Neem oil is the most common product used in the fight against pests in organic farming, used in different countries around the world both alone and in integrated pest management or together with synthetic pesticides.

The quality of Nature Neem

Nature Neem Neem oil used as a base for water-soluble formulations is extracted with cold pressing (solvent-free) from carefully selected Neem seeds (read more about the quality of Neem Oil).

The trees are grown organically, not monocultures, by local farmers and with traditional techniques. The production is absolutely respectful of the environment and of the producers themselves. Each batch is traceable and is subjected to accurate physical, microbiological and chemical controls to ensure the highest quality.

Superior effectiveness thanks to its special formulation

TotalCare's special formulation, developed after 5 years of studies with the Entomology and Agronomy Department of Tamil Nandu University, India, makes its decidedly superior efficacy to that of pure Neem oil. Thanks to the natural emulsifiers mixed with Neem, TotalCare has greater stability and dissolves easily in water, solving the common problems encountered in mixing Neem oil.

TotalCare has no toxicity to humans, mammals, birds and earthworms. TotalCare has a broad spectrum action but does not harm beneficial insects and bees. Effective in the defense of ornamental plants, flowering plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees and in home or rural environments.

  • The natural efficacy of Neem improves the overall health of the plant by increasing its resistance to pests and diseases.
  • It is a biological source of macro and micronutrients. Contains about 200 trace elements.
  • The ingredients are authorized as organic by NOP, NPOP, JAP.
  • 100% natural and biodegradable. Non-toxic to mammals, birds, beneficial insects and aquatic animals.
  • It has no shortage times. It can be applied to any stage of plant development.
  • Ecological and safe for the environment.

Authorization for organic farming ECOCERT SA F-32600 according to the regulations CE 834/2007 and CE 889/2008 but not registered as phytosanitary.

Directions for application

  • Dilute at 0.5-1.5% (5-15 ml per liter of water).
  • Spray preferably in the evening or early in the morning, not under direct sunlight.
  • Repeat the applications every 7-10 days depending on the incidence of the infestation
  • If necessary, it is possible to alternate with other organic / conventional products
  • Correctly correct the pH (between 5.5 and 6.5) before nebulization
  • Regularly monitor pest populations
  • DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS - for this use see BioCare

Compatibility with other products

TotalCare can be alternated or mixed with most insecticides and fungicides. However, it is recommended to check compatibility for each type of mix. By weakening insects at a physiological and hormonal level, it makes them more sensitive to the action of conventional or biological insecticides, allowing to reduce the use of pesticides. The compounds present in Neem also help prevent the development of resistance.

Read here all the methods of action and use of TotalCare in agriculture

Discover all the uses and properties of Neem on our Blog

A little secret: if the plants get sick, it is not the fault of the parasite, the problem must be sought in the soil!

In healthy soil, plants can grow healthy and disease-free. Neem is a very valuable aid in case of ongoing infestations or high risk of infestations in epidemic areas, but the best way to prevent infestations is to work on the soil, in order to create a stable and vital ecosystem capable of nourishing and defending every type of plant in a natural way.

Check for nematodes

Nematodes are small worms that nest in the roots of plants, avoiding its development and proper growth.

Spraying Neem oil diluted with water on the leaves and around the base of plants is one of the most effective ways to prevent these animals from spreading, as it effectively kills the larvae and prevents them from hatching.

Gentle and soothing lotion that offers extra protection against most parasites.

The formulation integrates perfectly with the use of common pesticides.

The repellent action of NEEM forms a protective barrier

which effectively counteracts parasites already present and repels them

Neem is effective against most common external parasites, such as:

fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, sand flies, scabies mites, flies and lice.

Ready-to-use delicate spray on the coat of the dog, cat and horse.

Offers additional protection against mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Natural product not harmful.

The formulation integrates perfectly with the use of common pesticides.

Ideal for dogs, cats and horses.

The action of Neem oil occurs through the formation of a protective barrier that fights the parasites already present and repels them.

Spray on the skin and fur of the animal to be protected, avoiding eyes and nose.

It does not require rinsing.

Repeat the applications throughout the day, depending on the greater or lesser presence of insects and parasites and the number of daily trips.

Suitable for frequent use.

- Spray the Spray lotion on the skin and fur of the animal to be protected at a distance of about 30 cm, avoiding eyes and nose.
- Repeat the application throughout the day, depending on the greater or lesser presence of insects and parasites, avoiding excesses.
- If the animal's kennel is located outside the house (balcony, terrace or garden) it is good practice to use the product every 10-15 days on it.

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