Online store of professional seeds of flowers and vegetables "Flora"

Online store of professional seeds of flowers and vegetables

Professional seeds of flowers, berries and vegetables at minimal prices

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In the online store "Flora-seeds" You can buy the freshest professional seeds from world famous breeders such as: PanAmericanSeed, Sakata, Benary, Takki and others at minimal prices with mail delivery to anywhere in Russia.

Our seeds have excellent germination and well-balanced seedlings with excellent health.

The Flora-Seed company has been operating for 2 years already. During this time, we have completed more than 2,500 orders and about 1,000 customers have become our regular customers.

Our store has a flexible system of discounts:
- Free shipping applies to orders over 3000 rubles;
- When ordering in the amount of 4000 rubles or more, there is a 3% discount + free shipping;
- When ordering in the amount of 5000 rubles, a 5% discount + free shipping is valid;
- When ordering for an amount of 10,000 rubles or more, an individual discount is valid depending on the amount of the order;
- There is a 10% discount for pensioners! (to confirm the status of "pensioner", you must send an electronic copy of the pension certificate)

Catalog of seeds offered for sale

Flower seeds

Berry seeds

Vegetable seeds

We present to your attention the seeds of flowers and vegetables of the professional series of 2018 from the leaders of the world selection

Online store of flower seeds, berries and vegetables

Additional Information

The online store Gavrish offers a large selection of seeds with delivery throughout Russia. You can buy seeds of indoor flowers from us at a price of 23 rubles.

We offer only high-quality products from leading Russian manufacturers, as well as the supply of seeds from foreign breeding companies in Holland, Germany and France. A wide range of products allows you to pick up seeds at a price of 23 rubles. up to 420 rubles Deliveries are made regularly and without delay.

Indoor flower seeds (more than 213 items) can be ordered on-line on the website by calling 8-495-902-77-18, as well as purchased (pre-order is required) in our office at the address: 127018, Moscow, st. . Folding, 3, bldg 5

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Budgetary preschool educational institution of the city of Omsk

"Child Development Center - Kindergarten No. 38"

About carrying out thematic control.

In order to identify the effectiveness of the work system of teachers in the spiritual and moral education of preschool children, creating favorable conditions for educational and educational work with children, as well as fulfilling the annual work plan

1. Appoint the senior educator AA Abrosimova responsible for the thematic control.

2. Develop and submit for approval a plan for conducting thematic control on the topic "Organization of educational work on the spiritual and moral education of preschool children"

3. Conduct thematic control with _________________

4. Provide methodological assistance to educators of age groups.

5. Based on the results of the thematic test, prepare an analytical report and submit it to the pedagogical council.

6.1. Prepare for thematic control of spiritual and moral education in accordance with the plan of thematic control.

6.2. Complete training on this topic in accordance with the assessment criteria for spiritual and moral education.

7. I reserve control over the execution of this order.

Budgetary preschool educational institution of the city of Omsk

"Child Development Center - Kindergarten No. 38"

About the results of thematic control

In order to study the state of work on the spiritual and moral education of preschool children, according to the annual work plan for the ____________ academic year, in the period from __________, a thematic check was carried out on the topic "Organization of educational work on the spiritual and moral education of preschool children."

1. To develop notes of the GCD to familiarize children with the history of their native land, the names of which are the streets of our city, the traditions and culture of the Russian people

2. Use a variety of forms of work with parents on issues of spiritual and moral education

4. To arrange in each group a cumulative folder from the experience of the work of groups on spiritual and moral education

5. Conduct a second check based on the results of the implementation of the recommendations of the thematic control in May 201__.

6. I reserve control over the execution of the order.

Topical Review Plan

Organization of educational work on

spiritual and moral education of preschool children

Purpose: To determine the effectiveness of work on the spiritual and moral education of preschoolers through familiarizing with the cultural heritage of the Russian people

1.Software and methodological support of the pedagogical process

2. The ability of the educator to create a subject-developing environment

2. Systematic and purposeful planning of joint activities of a teacher with children on the problem of spiritual and moral education

3. Knowledge of the theoretical aspects of spiritual and moral education

4. Availability of long-term work planning

5. Evaluation of forms of interaction with parents on this issue

based on the results of thematic control

"Organization of work on spiritual and moral

Objects of control: kindergarten groups

Purpose: to study the state of upbringing and educational work on the spiritual and moral education of preschool children.

Observing the process of joint activity of the teacher and children by the independent activity of children.

Analysis of the spatial subject-developing environment for the spiritual and moral education of preschoolers.

Study and analysis of documents submitted by pedagogical workers of the preschool educational institution.

Interview with teachers of a preschool educational institution.

Assessment of forms of interaction with parents on this issue.

In accordance with the annual work plan of the preschool educational institution for the 2017-2018 academic year, thematic control was carried out in the second junior, middle, senior and preparatory groups for school.

During the interview, it was revealed that all teachers are guided in matters of spiritual and moral education of children in accordance with their age capabilities, are aware of the content of this work and the mechanisms for implementing the tasks of spiritual and moral development of preschoolers in various activities.

Observing the process of joint activities of the teacher and children showed the presence of consistency and systematicity in the work on the spiritual and moral education of preschoolers. The content of work on spiritual and moral education is successfully integrated with all educational areas in the process of relevant activities: play, communicative, motor, labor, cognitive - research, visual in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of DO. Teachers use different forms of work with children: didactic games such as "Patterns of the native land", "Journey through the village", "Riddles about the city" classes - "Dymkovo toy" (older groups), "Geese-swans" (middle group) conversations such as "Friendship", "Kindness", "My family" (all groups), "The nature of the native land" (preparatory group), "The beauty of God's world" (preparatory group) conduct Days of Good Behavior (junior group) excursion to the local history museum (senior group) watching films - "Travel" (preparatory group) and cartoons of this direction; reading fiction; holding actions, for example, "Hasten to do good" (middle group) acquaintance with folk crafts, arts and crafts (making Dymkovo toys in older groups) organization of exhibitions (joint activities of children and parents) - "Good triumphs over evil" (older groups).

An analysis of the forms of working with children showed that children distinguish good deeds from bad ones, highlight positive and negative characters, determine which qualities of a person are the most valuable, use polite words, speech patterns in speech, know how to politely make a request, know a variety of “magic words ". Preschoolers have ideas about the traditions and customs that have developed in families, about the nature of their native land. But you can also notice that children have difficulties in telling stories about their family, family traditions, and have unclear ideas about the symbols of the Russian Federation.

In independent activity, children play role-playing games "Family", "Kindergarten" draw, sculpt in the corners of art, stage fairy tales "Zayushkina izbushka", examine illustrations in book corners, play a variety of didactic games.

Instilling in children love for the Motherland, in all age groups.

Much work is being done in the book corners, where educators place books and illustrations about the nature of Russia, about the sights of their native land and city.

In groups there are centers of theatrical activity, where children can creatively express their opinion and attitude to a particular act, put a fairy tale.

There is a sufficient number of didactic games, the developing environment is replenished with a card index of role-playing, outdoor, folk games. But, despite this, the developing environment requires replenishment and renewal.

An assessment of the planning system for work with children indicates compliance with the requirements of the program, taking into account age characteristics, and the systematic nature of the material studied on spiritual and moral education. In the work schedules, educators plan conversations, GCD, learning poems, nursery rhymes, aimed at expanding and activating the children's vocabulary, horizons. Role-playing and folk games, musical and theatrical activities are planned for the children to show their creativity.

Work with parents on the spiritual and moral education of preschoolers is carried out through: visual agitation - information stands for parents, moving folders on the topic "The role of the family in the spiritual and moral education of children" (middle group), "Problems of personal education" (older group) exhibitions children's work (older groups) through individual conversations (all age groups), consultations, questionnaires (middle group).

Conclusions on thematic control:

The upbringing and educational system that has developed in the preschool educational institution for the spiritual and moral development of the preschooler's personality contributes to the holistic spiritual, moral and social development, the formation of the inner world and is aimed at developing the moral position of the child.

Teachers use methods and techniques in their work on the spiritual and moral education of preschoolers that contribute to the formation of moral behavior and moral consciousness.

- teachers continue to work on the spiritual and moral education of children, study modern technologies and apply them in their educational work

- continue to enrich the spatial subject-developing environment in this direction

- pay special attention to the formation of preschoolers' ideas about their family, family traditions and customs, symbols of the Russian Federation

- continue to work with parents on this topic through various forms of interaction.

Online store of professional agricultural products

Planting material and vegetable seeds with delivery in Russia, agrochemistry, plant protection products and fertilizers, humates and leonardites, flowers for open and closed ground, goods for agricultural needs and household plots, farms and summer cottages. Attention! In connection with the expansion, the head office of Green Agro moved to a new address: Penza, st. Drilling 34 - office 106

Welcome to our site. We are engaged in complex supply of goods for agriculture.

The wholesale direction of our company is the sale of planting material and seeds of agricultural crops, vegetables, flowers, micronutrient fertilizers, complex fertilizers, humates and plant protection products

We work with leading manufacturers of seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers. We offer professional mineral fertilizers, microelement fertilizers, humates, complex organic fertilizers, plant protection products such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. The products of the following companies are presented: Basf, Bayer, Shchelkovo Agrokhim, NPO Sila Zhizni and other manufacturers. The site catalog offers professional seeds: corn, sunflower, vegetable and agricultural crops. You can always get a consultation in an online consultant, write to us in vibeber, telegram or call us by free phone

... For clients of the Penza region, if necessary, we go to the place and select the options you need. Delivery of goods is available in more than 500 cities throughout Russia.

Retail sales of agricultural products

Products for summer residents and gardeners are the same products as for agricultural producers, but in a different package, with different dosages. Moreover, they are of the same quality as for professional use. We have a large assortment of packaged seeds, agrochemistry, pest control, related products for the garden and summer cottages. We have selected seeds from the most famous foreign and domestic producers. The assortment of seeds is more than 3500 nomenclature items. You can always buy professional goods by making a joint purchase, thereby significantly saving money, since a large package provides significant benefits. We cooperate with a large number of suppliers, therefore, not the entire catalog is presented on the site - contact us and we will select a suitable option for you.

The format of the online store allows us to keep prices low by optimizing our costs... We do not keep unnecessary sellers and fashionable offices, do not let expensive advertising on television, in place of this, we use the saved money for additional discounts for our clients.

About Shop

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our online seed store by mail "Profisad".

We carry out selling flower and vegetable seeds more than 5 years and we specialize in small-scale and wholesale supplies professional seeds throughout Russia.

The online store catalog contains elite seeds of American selection, Dutch seeds in professional packaging, as well as seeds of the best domestic representatives and firms from many other countries (Germany, France, Poland, etc.):

  • - Benary seeds
  • - Panamerican seeds (Panamerican)
  • - seeds Floranova (Floranova)
  • - Hemzaden seeds (Hem Zaden, Hem Zaden)
  • - Hemgenetics seeds (Hem Genetics, Hem Genetics)

You can easily find and order seeds wholesale and retail for farms and plantations, producers of vegetable and flower products and gardeners, by placing an order here on our website, or by contacting us by phone 8 (499) 641-15-01 and 8 (985) 153-05-67 or by email [email protected]... Delivery of your order will be carried out as soon as possible in a convenient way for you - by courier in Moscow, by mail or a transport company in Russia, orders are delivered to all (!) Cities and regions of our country by valuable parcels.

By ordering professional seeds through the online store "Profisad", you can be sure that the product you have chosen is not replaced by a similar one. We guarantee.

About cost and conditions delivery of seeds in professional packaging You can find out in the section "Delivery and payment".

Range online store of professional seeds is constantly replenished, and all products comply with the declared quality standards, various weight packages are offered for your choice.

Also, a flexible system of discounts and very favorable conditions for long-term cooperation for regular customers are presented for you.

Wholesale and retail of seeds in professional packaging carried out throughout the year, and you will always have time buy seeds of vegetables and flowers in the online store "Profisad" by the beginning of the sowing season.

An individual approach to each client will make the process ordering seeds through the online store easy and enjoyable. Our consultants will give full information about the crops you are interested in, terms of payment and delivery, as well as the status of your order.

Online store of professional seeds of flowers and vegetables & quot; Flora & quot; - garden and vegetable garden

Greensad online store offers our customers products to create comfort and beauty in your home and on your site. We will help you choose products for landscape design. We guarantee high quality and affordable prices, as our partners are Ukrainian producers of garden products and plants.

- Conifers and shrubs
- Ornamental plants
- Deciduous trees
- Large-sized plants
- Saplings of fruit trees
- Saplings of berry crops
- Climbing plants
- Deciduous and flowering shrubs
- Rose seedlings
- Perennials, annuals
- Plants for the reservoir
- Seeds
- Irrigation systems
- Garden furniture, appliances, garden tools
- Materials for the garden and vegetable garden
- Pond equipment
- Garden decor
- Houseplants
- Products for seedlings
- Greenhouses and hotbeds, etc.

Phone: (067) -326-00-68
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Kiev, st. Zabolotny, 37
Payment method: cash, bank payment

The motto of our online store is "woodville ™ - add comfort". We work to help you live comfortably, conveniently, with taste. We provide you with a large selection of goods for your home, garden.

Product catalog that will help you find the right product:
- Furniture
- Home and accessories
- Festive decor
- Light
- ZooHome
- Garden and terrace
- Floristics.

Phone: (044) -272-24-25
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Kiev, st. Observatory, 5
Payment method: cash, bank payment

Our Veles online store provides a huge assortment of goods for your garden, vegetable garden, cottage and home. We will attract you with our prices and a guarantee of the quality of our goods.

In our store you can buy:
- Agreen agrofiber
- Banks and lids
- Biodestructors
- Decorative stones
- For farmers
- Protection against pests
- Instruments
- Mini greenhouses
- Coconut supports
- Polyethylene film
- Seeds of forage grasses,
- Mosquito net, bird protection, protective, trellis, plant protection,
- Destruction of odors
- Household goods
- Everything for seedlings, etc.

Phone: (097) -457-39-73, (063) -016-26-85
Address: Zhitomir per. Ipodromny, 2, building 3A
Payment method: cash, bank payment

Agromazin Sad-Ogorod offers a wide range of goods for the home and garden. We offer wholesale prices, delivery throughout Ukraine, constant availability of stock.

- Agrofibre, spunbond
- Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides
- Sprayers
- Drip irrigation
- Plant growth stimulants
- Biosecurity of plants, fertilizers
- Everything for seedlings
- Shading mesh, cucumber, vegetable, polypropylene bags
- Means of protection against bear, moles, Colorado potato beetle, cockroaches, Prusaks, bedbugs, fleas, domestic and garden ants, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, midges, horseflies, flies, moths, rodents
- Household goods
- Seeds.

Phone: (67) -573-23-60, (63) -720-23-00
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Kharkiv region, Chuguevsky district, pos. Korobochkino, st. Shevchenko, 272
Payment method: cash, bank payment

The online store offers a wide range of goods for the garden and vegetable garden. We offer fast delivery throughout Ukraine, we guarantee the quality of seeds.

Product categories:
- Seeds wholesale
- Agrofibre
- Everything for conservation, watering, seedlings
- Lawn and forage grass
- Dutch seeds
- Protection against household pests
- Bulbs of anemones, hyacinths, gladioli, irises, crocuses, lilies
- Revitalization of the soil
- Seedlings of begonia, grapes, gloxinia, clematis, fruit and berry bushes, roses
- Seeds of strawberries and strawberries, vegetables (by weight), flowers
- Saplings Chinese lemongrass, actinidia, goji.

Phone: (050) -392-94-60, (050) -486-87-47
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Odessa, st. Pryvoznaya, 12
Payment method: cash, bank payment

Our online store offers you goods for the garden and vegetable garden. We have a large assortment that will pleasantly surprise you. Prices for goods are provided on our website.

- Pots
- Supports and supports
- Soil mixtures
- Peat products
- Fertilizers
- Household group.

Phone: (066) -147-32-12, (063) -440-69-87, (067) -812-28-53.
Address: Donetsk, st. Bakhmetyeva, 34
Payment method: cash, bank payment.

The online store "Sad.Ogorod.Dom" offers you a huge assortment of seeds from the leading producers of Ukraine, Poland, France, Holland, TM "Nasinnya Krainy", "SEDOS", "Nickerson-Zwaan" and others.

We offer you seeds:
- in a mini package,
- maxi packing,
- weight seeds,
- coated and inlaid seeds,
- 18 types of mushroom mycelium,
- fertilizers,
- peat tablets,
- peat cups,
- seedling cassettes,
- agrofibre of different density,
- vegetable nets,
- trellis,
- shading,
- plant protection products, everything for drip irrigation, spray hose (fog),
- remedies for flying and crawling insects, rodents,
- candles for household, decorative, church, scented and other related products.

Phone: (67) -273-97-22, (63) -454-77-75
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Ukraine. mountains. Odessa, Promrynok "7 km"
Payment method: cash, bank payment

The electronic agro store has more than 3000 items of goods for the home, dacha and vegetable garden. Most of the assortment is occupied by planting material, in other words, flower seeds and vegetable seeds.

- Vegetable seeds
- Flower seeds
- Herb Seeds
- Lawn grasses
- Siderata
- Greenhouses
- Packing of seeds.

Phone: (063) 877-73-67, (097) 814-84-71, (095) 590-92-93
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Kiev, Melnikova st., 2/10, building 44, 4th floor
Payment method: cash, bank payment is an online store that will provide you with one of the widest and most relevant assortments of vegetable and flower seeds, as well as goods for the garden and vegetable garden at competitive prices.

You can buy from us:
- Seeds of vegetables and horticultural crops of the highest quality
- Saplings of fruit trees and cultivated plants
- Environmentally friendly fertilizers
- Various related products - everything you need for a garden and a summer residence!

Phone: (063) 634-66-20, (095) 904-66-35, (068) 325-00-98
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Odessa, Privoznaya str., 16, "Privoz" market,
Payment method: cash, bank payment

The store offers high quality seeds of European selections. On sale there are both small packaging and volumes for professional farmers.

Agrolife offers:
- seeds of watermelon
- tomato seeds
- eggplant seeds
- cucumber seeds
- melon seeds
- onion seeds
- seed potatoes.
Fast delivery across Ukraine - same day dispatch.

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