Other preparations

Other preparations

There are a large number of preparations that do not correspond to traditional pharmaceutical canons or, better still, are obtained using particularly innovative techniques, which allow the phytocomplex to be extracted in an extremely effective and even more useful way to safeguard the beneficial properties of the plants used.

We can certainly highlight how these are methodologies that have been used for a few years now, also thanks to the continuous development of technologies.

A first example may correspond to the fractional extracts, which are obtained through the use of rather particular methodologies, which refer to supercritical fluids.

In any case, we are talking about extraction techniques that allow us to obtain only a useful percentage of phytocomplex.

The extraction takes place by being very careful to respect the different homogeneous groups of components and trying to reduce the extrinsic variability as much as possible.

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continue ..., the fractionated extract allows you to focus only on the part of the phytocomplex that you want to extract, then undergoing a standardization process until it becomes an active ingredient.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about one of the most important phytotherapeutic preparations that science and technology has reached in recent years.

Among the peculiarities of the fractionated extracts, we find the fact of being able to obtain only what is desired from the phytocomplex (the so-called useful fraction) and are obtained, in most cases, starting from the fresh drug.

However, within another particular preparation that takes the name of integral suspension of fresh plant, the methods of extraction are quite different.

In this case, the starting point is represented by the fresh plant, which undergoes a long processing process that begins with shredding, rapid freezing at extremely low temperatures inside containers of liquid nitrogen and ends with the addition of a certain quantity of alcohol in such a way that the conservation of this pharmaceutical product can be provided in the best possible way.

The integral suspension of fresh plant is characterized by keeping limited or blocked any type of enzymatic reaction that occurs inside the plant.

Another type of preparation different from the traditional ones responds to the name of glycerin macerate.

It is a particular solution that is obtained through the activity that is carried out by the solvent (which is made up of a compound of water, glycerin and alcohol) which is used directly on the fresh and younger part of the plant (usually the buds, but you can also use the sprouts).

It is a solution that has a great wealth of plant-based hormones.

This particular preparation is considered by the French Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia according to the 1:10 dilution ratio.

In any case, we must not forget how it is a preparation that, due to some characteristics and some working methods that also involve the preparation phase, does not differ much from the traditional ones, or from the remedies that are most used. in the phytotherapeutic field.

Another particular phytotherapeutic preparation is represented by the fluid extract.

In any case, it is a typically liquid preparation, of good density, which is obtained, in most cases, through a rather simple procedure.

In fact, the fluid extract is obtained starting as a base from the dry drug, which is combined with a suitable solvent during the process (in most cases this solvent is represented by alcohol).

In the subsequent stages of the preparation of this particular phytotherapeutic preparation, the compound is subjected to a process of concentration by evaporation.

The purpose of this procedure is, undoubtedly, to be able to obtain a very precise final result: we are referring to the ratio that must always be present between a gram of fluid extract and a gram of dry drug (therefore the ratio must always be one to one).

Fluid extracts can be considered extremely advantageous as regards the presence of alcohol in them: in fact, the quantity of this component is particularly reduced, also by means of the new methods used in the last period.

The fluid extracts are also characterized by carrying out an extremely useful activity towards the phytotherapeutic preparation of syrups.

The fluid extracts are also extremely useful when it is necessary to use them for the formation and preparation of syrups; we must also not forget how the active ingredients contained in these phytotherapeutic preparations are always declared and titled.

The fluid extract, among the main characteristics, also includes the fact that it can be kept for a long time.

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