Corn beds: when to harvest and how to determine the maturity of the ears

 Corn beds: when to harvest and how to determine the maturity of the ears

Not only children, but also adults love to feast on sweet golden sweet corn kernels. Boiled ears don't need a side dish, and you don't need to be a great cook to cook them. The most delicious corn is the one that was harvested on time ..

When to pick corn

Ripening of corn depends on the variety, method and timing of planting, weather and climatic characteristics.

There are 3 types of corn depending on the maturity period:

  • early maturing;
  • average ripening period;
  • late.

Early maturing sweet corn is ready to harvest in 2 months. Mid-season varieties of this variety can be tasted after 70–85 days. Corn cobs pick up enough sugars in late varieties after at least 3 months.

There are 3 phases of maize maturity:

  • Dairy:
    • when pressing on the grain, milky juice (white liquid) is released;
    • the ear is still green;
    • the filamentous columns (stigmas) are not dry.

      This is what corn looks like at the stage of dairy maturity.

  • Wax:
    • the grain acquires a characteristic color, waxy consistency and does not emit milky juice;
    • the cob leaves turn a little yellow and dry out.

      Golden cobs become mouth-watering at the waxy maturity stage

  • Complete (biological):
    • the grain hardens, breaks easily;
    • leaves dry out completely and become brittle;
    • the cobs are less secure on the stem and can easily break.

      When the corn is fully ripe, the seeds from the cobs become hard and tasteless.

The harvest is considered ready at the stage of waxy maturity, but milk corn is already quite sweet and nutritious, only slightly watery and not so aromatic when cooked.

The taste of milk-ripeness corn is more delicate, it is eaten even without heat treatment. The pulp becomes starchy, sweet and juicy, an appetizing aroma appears in the boiled ears only at the stage of waxy maturity. It is better to freeze corn for future use at this very moment.

Terms of harvesting sweet corn by region

In the southern regions of Russia, the first ripe ears are picked for food already in the last decade of July. In the Chernozem region, early varieties ripen by the beginning of August, later ones - by the 20th of the month. Just at this time, they begin to taste the first corn crop in the North-West of Russia. In the northern regions of our country, the popular cereal ripens only in late August or early September.

Video: when to pick sweet corn cobs

How to determine the ripeness of sweet corn by external signs

The degree of maturity of the corn cob can be judged by the following features.

  1. The edge of the leaf-like envelope of the leaf becomes dry and brittle, the color changes from light green saturated to brownish dark green.
  2. The female sponge flower (stigma), located on the crown of the cob, dries up, acquires a brown tint.
  3. The stamens on male flowers, located at the tops of the shoots, become drooping, partially crumble.
  4. Bright yellow grains do not yet have dents and wrinkles; when pressed, their shell cracks and lets out milky-white juice.
  5. The cobs remain elastic, break off poorly from the central stem.

At the milky-wax stage of maturation, corn in the juice itself

Carefully unscrewing the edge of the cob's leaf sheath, you can visually determine its maturity.

An annual plant of the family of cereals is grown on a personal plot by many Russian summer residents. Corn is unpretentious and fruitful, and few people will refuse fragrant grains sprinkled with fine salt. The main thing is not to miss the moment and pick the cobs in the juice itself.

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