Woman and Beauty: how Caterina Sforza took care of the beauty of the body, hair, face, hands and teeth

Woman and Beauty: how Caterina Sforza took care of the beauty of the body, hair, face, hands and teeth


lady of Imola and Forlì

Portrait of Caterina Riaro Sforza by Lorenzo di Credi, Pinacoteca di Forlì, Italy.

A bit of history

Caterina Sforza was the legitimate natural daughter of Galeazzo Maria Sforza (About 1463 - Florence 1509).

At the behest of Pope Sixtus IV, he came given in marriage at the age of ten to the Pope's nephew, Girolamo Riario, to whom he brought Imola as a dowry, thus becoming the lady of Imola and Forlì.

When Pope Sixtus IV died (1484) and the reaction was unleashed in Rome against the Riario and Della Rovere, Caterina closed, to keep it for her husband, in Castel Sant'Angelo, which she delivered only after two weeks against the payment of 4,000 ducats.

Assassinated Girolamo Riario (1488), Caterina Sforza supported with great firmness and fortitude in the castle of Ravaldino (Forlì) the siege of the insurgent Forlivesi, until she was recognized as regency for her minor son Ottaviano Riario Sforza, of Imola and Forlì , who governed assisted by her lover Jacopo Feo (according to some biographies it seems that she married him in secret).

After he was assassinated he avenged him with savage rigor and married Giovanni de 'Medici known as il Popolano (1496 or 1497) and from their union the leader Giovanni dalle Bande Nere was born.

After the death of her second husband Caterina Sforza, following the great political upheavals of the time, she approached the Florentines who sent Machiavelli to her legation (1499).

Caterina Sforza was deposed by Pope Alexander VI and suffered the attack of the joint forces of the French and Cesare Borgia: after the fall of Imola and Forli, she fiercely defended herself for the second time in the fortress of Ravaldino until January 1500 until she capitulated.

She was made a prisoner and spent the last few years first in captivity in Rome, then, having renounced any claim to her domains, in exile in Tuscany.

His personality

The figure of Caterina Sforza is emblematic for her era which must be framed in a period in which, the Middle Ages was about to end and the Renaissance began to appear, immortal masterpieces were born created by the geniuses of Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Macchiavelli and Cristoforo Colombo attempting the way to the Indies.

This figure of a woman leading her soldiers into battle was admired throughout Italy and numerous were the songs and odes that were written in his honor but all have been lost except those of Marsilio Compagnon.

The writers of the Renaissance say that Caterina Sforza surpassed every other woman of her time in fame she was a tenacious, determined, very versatile woman, he dealt with herbal medicine, medicine, cosmetics and alchemy. Caterina Sforza was also a woman of incredible beauty who spent time and money to preserve them and no advice was left out regardless of where it came from: ancient oriental recipes, folk remedies, blends that came from dark monasteries that she sought with extreme tenacity as they did not exist at the time. ready-made cosmetics.

His recipes have been handed down in a book Experiments of the excellent lady Caterina da Forlì composed of four hundred and seventy-one healing and beauty remedies for the face and body with indications for the preparation of ointments, ointments, mixtures, water that Caterina prepared with the help of the court apothecaries. These remedies are real experiments with which Caterina Sforza delighted and experimented on herself.

Beauty recipes by Caterina Sforza

Whiten the skin and heal it from sunburn "To make the face very white and beautiful and colorful"

To grow hair "To make your hair grow"

To make your hair blonde and beautiful "To make your blond hair of the color of gold"

To make your teeth white and shiny

To make your breath smell good

To have the skin of the hands white and soft "To make your hands white and so beautiful that they will look like ivory"

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