Sacred Succulents

Sacred Succulents

Succulent Uses

Houseleek: Superstitions, History and Medicinal Benefits

The Houseleek was once used in Italy as a love charm. However, that use for it has fallen out of fashion. Modern medical research has shown that the…

Plants with a Personal Touch

At The Sacred Succulent we hand select every plant for our inventory and work relentlessly to propagate, grow and develop our plants to bring you a high quality, low cost plant you can love for years to come.

Our concept of Plant Bar allows you to come in and create an arrangement that is unique and personalized to match your style! You can choose from a large variety of different plants and planters, sit at one of our workshop tables and create your masterpiece! We are always around to assist with planting techniques and to answer any questions. If you’re one that doesn’t want to get your hands dirty we can pot your plants up for you, create a custom arrangement or offer you one of our many premade arrangements. Walk-ins are always welcome! We also offer numerous in-store classes with a range of themes and topics.

Interested in a private event? We do that too! Send us an email to get more information and book a time!

The “Plant” Doctor is in.

* Available in store Thursday‘s and Friday’s from 4-7pm and all day Saturday*
We aim to please all of your plant related needs! If you have a plant that just doesn’t seem to be doing great, whether it was bought from us or not, bring it in or send us some pictures so we can help you get it back on the right track!

Specialized Orders

One of the unique attributes of The Sacred Succulent is our international capability. We have built strong relationships with sellers from Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and more! If there are ever specialty plants you’re seeking, talk to us about a special order. We will do everything we can to unite you with your dream plant!

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