7 old things that are better to take to the country, and not throw away

 7 old things that are better to take to the country, and not throw away

Take your time to throw away your old refrigerator, chest of drawers and toilet. These and other unnecessary things can be taken to the dacha and converted into useful items.


It is easy to turn an old bathtub into an unusual flower bed. To do this, lay a drainage layer on the bottom, cover it with earth and plant any flowers there.

If you cut the bathroom in half, it turns into an original bench.

Sand the sharp edge with an abrasive wheel and go to the finishing: repaint the structure in a suitable color, find a comfortable seat and build an original support. If these options seem boring to you, turn the bath into a real pond. Cement the side drain, close the bottom with a plug, then dig a hole in the ground and install a bathtub there. After that, plants can be planted in the pond: a water lily, arrowhead, swamp forget-me-not and water buttercup are most suitable. If you wish, the bathtub can be left on the surface instead of deepening into the ground, but in this case you will have to make a cement foundation so that the pond does not tilt over time.


Using a grinder and an abrasive wheel, you can build a simple bench from an old barrel. To do this, cut the container in half, fix a comfortable seat on the resulting base and paint the structure in a suitable color.

You can also make a mini greenhouse.

Lay the barrel on its side, make 3-4 large holes in its upper part and fasten a thick film over them. Pour earth inside, and the makeshift greenhouse will be ready to use. Lovers of kebabs can make an unusual barbecue. To do this, cut the barrel in half, connect the resulting halves with hinges, install the grate inside and fix the finished structure on a suitable stand.


An old toilet can be easily turned into a flower bed. To begin with, install the structure in a suitable place, properly fix its base, then cover the bowl and cistern with earth, not forgetting about the drainage layer. In such a flower bed, it is better to grow small flowers, for example, petunias, marigolds or gentian. Try to choose plants that bloom all summer, then the toilet will look presentable throughout the summer season.


A chandelier with large shades will make an original flower pot. The best part is that you don't have to think about how and where to place such a structure - just fix the chandelier under the roof of the gazebo or terrace. It is best to plant climbing and ampelous plants in such a planter. The main thing is not to forget about the drainage layer, otherwise the roots of the flowers will simply rot. By the way, broken and damaged shades can be replaced with small pots.

Chest of drawers

An old chest of drawers can be turned into a real flower garden. To do this, remove a layer of old paint from the furniture, saturate it with a moisture-proof agent and cover with a more suitable color. After that, open the drawers of the chest of drawers and fill them with earth (do not forget about the drainage). In the lower part it is better to plant climbing and ampelous plants, and in the upper part more miniature species, for example, violets or marigolds. In order not to flood the lower tiers, moisten the flower garden as carefully as possible.


If you have a couple of unnecessary tires, turn them into flower beds. To make it more original, make them suspended. The main thing is to repaint them in a color that will be in harmony with the general style and color scheme of the suburban area. If there are a lot of tires, convert them into outdoor furniture. The simplest option is chairs and a table, but it all depends on your imagination and the amount of work material.


If there is no cellar in the country, it can be replaced with an unnecessary refrigerator. To do this, remove the compressor, make several ventilation holes in the housing and insert pipes into them. After that, bury the structure in the ground (ventilation pipes should go to the surface) and cover with any waterproof material.

You will also get a convenient kennel for a small dog or puppy from the refrigerator if you just put it on its side and pull out all the grates. But such a kennel is best used only as a temporary one.

The most original option is a grill from the refrigerator. To do this, coals or firewood are laid out at the bottom of the device (you can either in a heat-resistant container or without it), and meat is laid out on the grates. In such a device, you can cook several dishes at the same time, placing them on different levels. Alteration of old things is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly, so do not throw out unnecessary junk, but transport it to the dacha and try to turn it into useful items.

Garden craft ideas from old things

Old and already unnecessary things are not as easy to throw away as it seems initially. That is why modern needlewomen and craftsmen began to come up with different ideas of what to make out of scrap materials that were lying around in a shed or pantry. We offer you ideas DIY crafts for a summer residence, garden, yard from unnecessary things with a photo... Get inspired and beautify your home garden in the best possible way.

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Old door

Well, let's say - you say - a sofa or an old bed on the site can really be somehow applied, but the door - it will definitely go to the landfill. Do not hurry! Listed below are the many options for using a door in landscaping. Check them out and choose the one that you like the most.

  1. A door instead of a table top. From the old door, you can make a stylish workplace or a dining table in the country. To do this, it is enough to use a door instead of a tabletop, and cover this furniture from above with a piece of glass specially cut for specific parameters. It is important to process the edges of the glass layer so that they are not traumatic. In addition, it is better to round the corners of the glass - again for greater safety.
  2. A door instead of a rack. If the interior door is made of natural wood, you can cut out small windows in it with the help of available materials, and also attach miniature shelves to the door. You will get a very unusual rack that can be used in the kitchen for storing bottles of sauces and spices, or in the house for storing books.
  3. A door instead of a pergola.If vines or other climbing plants grow on your site, you can make a pergola from an old interior door for these plants. You don't need to tinker with anything. It is enough to set the door in the right way and let the plants climb up it. When the vines or pseudo-lianas braid the whole tree, your site will have one more live installation.
  4. A door instead of a slate board. A slate board is an excellent solution for a summer residence. In general, such objects serve as a kind of reminders of what you need to buy or do, where to go. To turn the door into a slate board, it is enough to open it with special paint and install it in the most convenient place. In an apartment, such a slate board will look cumbersome, but on the personal plot there will probably be a suitable place for it.
  5. A door instead of a swing.Yes, you read everything correctly: from the old interior door you can make a swing, on which all your grandchildren can ride at once. And perhaps their friends from neighboring houses. True, quite a lot of free space is required for such a swing. But this question, we are sure, you will solve.
  6. A door instead of a headboard.If the country bed does not have a headboard, use an interior door for this. If, of course, it fits in style and color. Or at least make this combination work. The door, of course, will have to work hard. But if you succeed, your country house will acquire another striking design element. And you yourself will be the designer.
  7. A door instead of a mirror frame.If you have a frameless mirror in your household, the door can do a great job of this function. And the older the door is, the more decorative elements there are on it, the more beautiful the new piece of furniture will be.
  8. Old door as new door.If an interior door is not needed in a renovated city apartment, this does not mean that it will not be useful in a country house. For example, it can be pasted over with beautiful textured wallpaper, covered with plaster or, in extreme cases, covered with self-adhesive, the pattern of which imitates natural materials. As a result, you will get an old interior door in a new guise.

By the way, you can also update old interior doors so that they continue to perform their direct function using a technique called decoupage. First, it's interesting and exciting. And secondly, it guarantees amazing results. In addition, the younger generation can also be involved in such work: it is indeed a very interesting activity.

3. On a new path

Old ceramic pots do not have to be thrown away. They, or rather their fragments, can be used to decorate a concrete walking path. To make it easier to work with the mosaic, the fragments can be laid out in a row and a strip of adhesive tape can be glued on top (to fix the pieces). Flip the "tape" over and apply metal and ceramic adhesive to the back of the mosaic. After you glue the tiles to the concrete base, remove the tape and fix the mosaic with mortar.

Garden path with mosaic decor. Photo by Marion Nickig

Important: Stepping slabs must be at least 4 cm thick, otherwise they will break quickly.

Tired of the old gray slab track? Make creative sprinkles of herbs - resistant to trampling pupavka noble 'Treneague' or thyme herb.

Herb path. Photo by Marion Nickig

And for those who have a garden path only in the project, a master class on making paving slabs with their own hands may be useful.

8 practical ideas for making old things for a summer residence.

Old things that are traditionally taken to the country should be used, and not left for eternal storage in the barn. We have collected 8 practical ideas of what to make of old things for a summer residence.

Read and make your summer cottage life better!

1. Old barrel

A barrel, a canister, a cistern ... In general, any container in the country is needed to collect water. It is especially effective to place such barrels under the drainpipes, then you will collect all the water that fell on your roof for irrigation. It is especially important for those who have interruptions in the water supply at their summer cottage.

2. Pipes

You can independently assemble a support for plants from pipes. In the picture, gardeners have adapted a structure for growing cucumbers, and if you plant ornamental climbing plants, you can make a gazebo.

3. Old wheels

There are many uses for car tires, but try making a flower pot out of a rim. You can decorate such a vase with paints or mosaics (for which bottles or old cups are useful, also a way to reuse trash). First clean the wheel, coat with metal paint, then decorate the mosaic with metal glue. Cover the mosaic with grout. Line the inner surface with polyethylene, in which you want to make drainage holes. Then fill in the soil and plant the plants.

4. Flower pots

You can make unrealistically beautiful compositions from old broken pots if you arrange the shards on several levels, plant each of them with plants, and add a couple of fantastic figurines for decoration.

5. Empty bottles

There are at least two new uses for colored glass bottles:

  • arrange garden paths or flower beds with a fence made of bottles
  • adapt the bottles for watering: if you fill the bottle with water and stick it in the ground next to the plant, then the soil will clog the neck and the water will slowly seep and moisten the roots.

6. Old refrigerator

When the refrigerator stops working, and the master says that it cannot be restored, ask the specialist to remove the compressor. And send the refrigerator to the site, make holes in the upper and lower walls into which you insert pipes (for ventilation). Why such preparations? Then, that partially buried in the ground, a non-working refrigerator will become a good storage for potatoes.

7. Old tree stump

Stumps remaining on the site can be turned into a support for a table top, an unusual seat, or just a landscape element by planting moss or flowers on the stump. You need to gouge a recess and drill holes for drainage, lay the soil and plant any plants. The flower bed is ready.

8. Tin cans

Paint, hammer, nails of different diameters, knife. With such a set from a tin can you can make a lampshade for a light bulb or a candlestick, and this is a great practical idea of ​​what to make of old things for a summer residence. Romance is always in vogue! Just imagine how cozy your evenings in the country will become.

Tell us what things got a second life at your dacha.

Wall sheathed with pallet strips. Source: katrinaelizabeth.com

Pallet strips are used to create a comfortable sliding door. The texture of the wood can be refined by simply opening it with varnish.

Pallet door. Source rebarn.ca

Ideas for a summer residence: old things in a new light

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Ideas for giving: old things in a new light. For some, this is worthless scrap, for others, a treasure trove of decorative treasures. The use of old things in the design and interior of the suburban area and garden.

Tables, chairs, watering cans or sewing machines inherited from grandmother. Someone, looking at this old trash, will simply throw it away, but for some these things are a real, expensive collection with which they can bring to life a variety of creative ideas, turning old things into interior items for a summer residence and a garden. Do not rush to get rid of unnecessary things, even if you cannot use a chair as such, it may be useful to you to implement a creative idea.

In our opinion, hand-made decorations for a summer residence and a garden are much more important than decorative items bought in a store. A feature of the elements used in the decor is often nostalgia for the past, and sometimes just the beauty of ancient forms and materials. In particular, products made of wood, ceramics, enamel, copper or tin will decorate your summer cottage or garden. Its individuality will be emphasized - after all, the materials that you will use in the form of decorating a summer cottage cannot be bought in a store. Cottage decor - photo.

If you want to decorate your garden or summer cottage individually, take a close look at the attic or basement in the house. There are often hidden design treasures left over from the time of grandmother, and you can use them again in the decor of your site. Often, a fresh coat of paint or minor repairs make old things a unique piece of interior and decor.

Tip: Less is more! A small fragment of antique furniture, dishes, a bicycle, etc. perfectly influences the design of your summer cottage, and a collection of bulky garbage piled in a pile will look like garbage and nothing more. There should be a measure in everything! Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: using a wheel from a cart at a summer cottage and in a garden. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: An old chair will be a great decoration in the garden. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: You can use old watering cans and cans as flower pots to decorate your plot. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: Using an old sewing machine serves as an excellent stand for flower pots.

Ideas for giving: Using old items looks great as decoration on your summer cottage. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: the idea of ​​using an old teapot as a flower pot in your garden. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: An old cart wheel serves as an excellent stand for a flowerpot and decoration at a summer cottage. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: Old wicker basket is great for use in the country as a flower pot. Cottage decor - photo.

Ideas for giving: an example of the use of old things in landscape design in the country. Cottage decor - photo.

7 ideas to use old things in the country - garden and vegetable garden

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