Kentia disease: leaves that dry out

Kentia disease: leaves that dry out


Kentia with damaged leaves


Good morning,

I found his references on a blog, can you help me understand what may have happened to our kentia? It is inside an apartment facing south but not direct light. It shows streaks along all the leaves, young and old.

It is watered with Roma water, rather calcareous, once a week, based on the humidity of the soil. I would be grateful if we could recover it.
Thanks, Massimiliano


Hi Maximilian,

first of all I want to reassure you by telling you that yours Kentia she is not sick in the strict sense of the term, as her problem is that you have been a little careless in her cultivation. In fact, for the leaves that dry in that way, the causes are environmental: sudden changes in temperature or blows of air (and here you have to evaluate if the cause could be this). Or, and perhaps this is the primary cause, too calcareous water. As you yourself say Rome has very hard water and this, most of the plants, do not tolerate it.

For damaged leaves there is nothing to do, you just have to eliminate them.

What to do. First of all I advise you to repot it to change the earth, being very careful as the Kentia it is a very delicate plant. Carefully remove it from the pot with its earthen bread and clean it as much as you can of the old earth without taking it bare-rooted.

From the photos you sent me you can see that the plant is in a plastic pot. I advise you to eliminate it and use a terracotta pot just larger than the previous one. The terracotta, being porous unlike plastic, allows the soil and therefore the roots to breathe. The limestone in this case would have accumulated in the terracotta and you would have noticed the problem in time. Place on the bottom of the pot or pieces of earthenware or expanded clay to help drain the water. From that moment on, use non-calcareous water, for example bottled water with low calcium content, or the demineralized water that is used for the iron.

Good luck and have a good day.

Dr. Maria Giovanna Davoli

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