Swimming pools cleaning

Swimming pools cleaning


The swimming pool, beyond the model chosen, is always composed of a tank which must be perfectly clean inside so that the water is always clear. For all this to happen, it is necessary to periodically check the correct operation of the pump which will have the task of filtering the water by sucking and retaining the dirt as well as using specific cleaning products. When you decide to build a masonry pool, in most cases the retailer always advises to stick to a rather regular shape because only in this way will its cleaning be facilitated. A pool that has many corners or rounded areas will require not only more time, but double the patience, especially since the common tools on the market today for cleaning the bottom cannot be used. With reference to the cleaning tools, let's start by indicating the robot: it is a machine that works autonomously. Walking on the bottom of the tank, it sucks up the dirt, leaving everything perfectly clean. Only in this way can a correct cleaning be obtained, and it is an operation that must be carried out periodically. In the case of other pools, or as an alternative to the use of the robot, there are suction brooms which have the task of sucking up everything that is solid inside the pool. Of course, every pool requires constant cleaning, and this is especially true for pools located inside the garden where leaves, insects and dirt can fall inside with greater ease. A swimming pool located inside the house, in fact, is increasingly sheltered.


To clean the pool it is essential to purchase everything you need for its maintenance, starting with the net. The latter is composed of a rather long rod on the end of which a net is placed that serves to capture the dirt present in the water. Obviously this is a superficial cleaning, which is why this operation must always be accompanied by the action of the pump, which gradually sucks up the water present in the pool, through a tube connected to the filter and rejects it into the filtered tank. it is clean. The filter must be operated continuously if the pool is used every day and especially by several people, while it can only be operated for a few hours a day if the pool is used sporadically. You certainly cannot do without the pump function because in a few days the water would become so dirty that it would be necessary to completely empty the tank. At the shops that deal with the sale of the pool, you can find all the tools for proper maintenance, including replacement filters from the pump. The water is kept clean also thanks to the use of chlorine. The amount needed must always be proportional to the amount of water present in the pool. These indications are given on the chlorine packaging and are also provided by the same retailer. If it is covered daily, the pool maintains a definitely cleaner water state and also maintains the degree of heat reached during the day.

Where to buy

Everything that is necessary for cleaning the pool is specified in detail by the same retailer, and can be purchased at the same shop where the pool was bought. It is here that the right supply of chlorine must be requested, the specific substances to combat the presence of algae, the robotic tools for cleaning the bottom of the tank. On the internet, you can find many e-commerce sites that sell pool cleaning tools. In this way you can compare the models in the store with those online and choose the one that seems to be more suitable and of better quality. Beware of clearance sales because you can find good deals, as long as you always pay attention to the quality of the product on sale.

Pool cleaning: Costs

The cost of pool cleaning tools depends on the type and model you choose. Of course, robotic systems will have a higher cost as their action is carried out independently. If you want to have the convenience of this system, you need to budget for a slightly higher cost. Especially large pools must be cleaned daily using highly professional systems. By going to a store you can evaluate all the possible alternatives relating to the type of pool to be cleaned. Each will then decide to purchase the system that they deem to be more valid and adequate.

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