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Flower bulbs for sale at Lidl

Are Lidl Bulbs Good?

Lidl periodically sells seeds, plants and bulbs. In particular, I have always found bulbs to be valid and, from what I also read in the forums, this opinion is shared by many other people.

If you go to buy in nurseries or horticultural fairs, you usually spend much more for the same product. It must be said, however, that even the size can be different, a larger bulb tends to offer better results from the first flowering.

In any case, they generally appear to be of good quality, quite hard and compact, with a high success rate once planted. It has rarely happened to me to find specimens with small molds or light rot, sometimes it is possible to identify them right from the purchase by looking carefully at the sachets.


In the past, the various packages came from German nurseries. In recent times, however, it seems that attention has shifted to the Dutch ones. Well, on the other hand, Holland is the 'homeland of bulbs', tulips in the first place, so I suppose the quality level has remained consistently high over time.

Offers throughout the year

The sale naturally follows the cycles of nature. In the autumn period, bulbs are sold to be planted in September, October or November, and which will presumably bloom in spring.
In late winter or early spring, those to be planted around March or April, such as Lilies or other species with summer flowering, are proposed.

In the following I will try to list the various proposals during the year. The same can be found in the flyers on the pages relating to the Green Thumb section.

Offer at the end of August / beginning of September

Sachets of bulbs at a price of € 1.49 each. The sachets are placed all together in cardboard boxes. Click on the image to enlarge it.

These are the varieties available: Allium, Anemone, Crocus, Hyacinths, Iris, Muscari, Narcissi, Tulips. Then there are diversifications in the individual varieties, for example tulips we find them in single colors or in mixed bags, the same also applies to crocus.

The number of bulbs varies according to the plant. Allium has very large bulbs and each bag contains only six, for the other varieties we can find 10, 12, 15 and up to 40 in the case of Muscari.

The package consists of a perforated sachet fixed to a cardboard, on the back of this the cultivation indications: distance between the bulbs, depth of burial, months in which to plant them, height of the adult plant, flowering period and recommended climatic conditions (sunshine , partial shade, shade).

Mid-September offer

In this period, multiple packs are proposed, each containing different types of bulbs.

Color collection - each package costs 2.99 euros and contains bulbs of 4 different species but united by the color: red, yellow, green, purple. For example, the red package contains tulips, hyacinths, anemone and aurum italicum, all with flowers of the same color.

Balcony Beauty - cost € 4.99. Ready-to-use kit for balcony box, a rectangular-shaped cardboard containing several well-arranged and divided bulbs: narcissus, muscari, crocus, tulips, iris or siberica scilla.

Ideal for those who want to obtain excellent results with little effort and without the risk of making mistakes. What we have to do is place the cardboard on the ground inside a balcony (elongated rectangular vase), cover with more earth and water. The cardboard material is biodegradable, in a short time it will fall apart and disperse in the ground.

Envelopes of bulbs - price € 1.99 per pack. Tulips are available in different colors and shades, as well as Narcissus, Hyacinths, Iris, Allium and Fritillaria.

Early January 2018

Autumn bulbs in multiple packs Color Collection divided precisely by color. Cost 2.99 euros each.

The term 'autumn' obviously refers to the flowering period, some species already start from June and last until September. The planting takes place instead in the months of February, March, April and May, depending on the single species.

These are the packages available:
Yellow - Dahlia, Lilium, Allium, Gladiolus, Freesia
Red - Dahlia, Lilium black out, Gladioli, Crocosmia
Rose - Dahlia, Lilium, Zephyranthus, Freesia
Orange - Dahlia, Montbretia (crocosmia), Gladiolus, Lilium

It's a bit early but the bulbs keep well in their bags until the time we decide to plant them. Inside each package we find separate bags labeled with name, quantity and caliber (size) of the bulbs inside them.

I like the division by color. Obviously in each box we find more cheap bulbs, and less than the bigger and more expensive ones, moreover their caliber is not high. For what they cost they still represent a good deal. I took the red box, already the 3 bulbs of Lilium and the Dahlia are well worth the amount spent.

Mid January 2018

Ceramic vase bulbs. Cost 2.99 euros.
A kind of ready-to-use kit for indoors and outdoors, great for a gift. Vase Ø 13.8 cm, in ceramic finely decorated with images of windmills, saucer. Just take it out of the package and water. Available in variants with Tulips, Narcissus or Hyacinths.

Premium autumn bulbs in a bag. Cost € 1.99 for each package. Origin Holland.

In reality, many are summer flowering and not purely autumnal. Each bag contains a single of the following species: Dalia, Lilium, Eucomis, Nerine, Ornithogalum, Zantedeschia, Gladiolus, Freesia, Ranuncolo, Eremurus, Galtonia, Tigridia, Crocosmia.

Then for some species the bags are differentiated according to the single variety, for example as regards the Lilium bulbs we can choose between 8 different varieties.

Early February

In this period the bulb packs have the words Lovely Combinations and are 2.49 euros for each bag. The supplier is always De Ree Holland BV, therefore I am of Dutch origin.

Numerous varieties are available including Asian and Oriental Lilies, Dahlia in many varieties, Calle and Gladioli in various colors, buttercups and more.

As always, information such as planting and flowering period, bulb size (size), adult plant height, distance and planting depth are shown on the back of the package.


Bags of autumn bulbs. These are also Dutch.
Cost 1.29 euros per pack.
Varieties available: Single or mixed gladioli, Dahlias, Agapanthus, Iris, Anemones, Acidanthera, Allium, Canna, Fresie, Ismene, Liatris, Lilium asiatica mix, Lilien Montbretien, Incarvillea, Oxalis, Sparaxis, Brodiaea.

Flower bulbs in round trays 24 cm in diameter. Price 2.99 euros.
The classic ready-to-use kit, the bulbs are already prepared in a cardboard disc. To plant them we must remove the top paper and place the tray on the earth in a pot of suitable diameter, then cover with more earth and water.

Over time the cardboard will naturally dissolve into the soil, the bulbs will sprout and root into the soil.

Each pack contains 19 bulbs in total, these are the varieties available:
- 3 calla zantedeschia, 16 liatris
- 3 ornithogalum, 16 zephyrantes
- 7 acidanthera, 12 brodiaea

The recommended planting months are III-V (March to May). Flowering varies according to the individual species but generally occurs in the summer or early autumn months.

Half of March

In this period, bulbs of Begonia in different varieties and colors: Illumination, Cascade Mix, Bouton de Rose and Pastel Double Mix. Bulbs with a circumference of 4 cm. Each pack contains 4 or 5 bulbs, price € 1.99.

I then found other envelopes of Autumn bulbs, rhizomes and tubers of various plants. Offer not reported, however, neither on the flyer nor on the website. The sign in the store reads: Fall Bulbs Discount, a price that from € 2.99 drops to € 2.69 with a 10% discount.

These are the varieties available: Rudbeckia, Centaurea, Geranium, Liatris, Tricyrtis, Phlox, Hosta, Convallaria, Hemerocallis, Lupinus, Astilbe, Asclepias, Alcea, Eryngium, Heliopsis.

When more offers are made available I will update the article.

What are the most beautiful flowers?

Everywhere people are surrounded by flowers - chamomile, peonies, chrysanthemums, asters, they already all seem trivial. But in different parts of the Earth the most beautiful flowers on the planet grow: extraordinary and surprising, they can be grown at home in pots, seen in the field, in the mountains, in parks, on the water. Looking at this natural miracle, you can be eternally amazed by the delights of the plant world.

The most beautiful flowers in the house

Turn the site into a corner of paradise to help the most beautiful flowers in the country:

    Gentian. Pleases the eye with stunning blue-cornflower flowers from June to late summer. It has mountain origins, it is indispensable in the design of slides and rock gardens.

Tricyrtis. A tall flower (40-80 cm), dissolves in early summer, continues to bloom until frost. Outwardly similar to an orchid, it has white buds with purple spots.

Primrose. Large flowers are decorated with a yellow center, an attractive powdery dye, permeated with a variety of different colored veins. It blooms in May, gives a lot of inflorescences with a wonderful aroma.

The most beautiful flowers in pots

A wonderful home decoration of a house or balcony, a terrace will be the most beautiful flower in the house in the pot:

    Calla. The effectiveness of the flower is attached to a large blanket in the form of a funnel covering the inflorescence of the ear, in which small golden flowers are collected. The bract, folded into a tube, is placed on a high stem, often has a snow-white color, but there are also shades of pink and straw.

Hibiscus (Chinese rose). A small shrub, pleases with large flowers in the form of a large bowl of white, crimson, pink tone, monochrome, multi-colored, with stripes or dots. Corollas constantly dissolve - from spring to autumn.

Senpolia (purple). Low plant with fluffy leaves. It has incredibly delicate simple, semi-double, double flowers with a variety of colors. It blooms profusely from March to May.

The most beautiful perennial flowers

After planting the most beautiful perennial flowers for a garden, you can admire their lush buds for years:

    Hemerocallis. Perennial with a height of 30-80 cm, there are 25 varieties with lilies of simple earthy appearance with straight or curly edges of various colors. It is unpretentious, it does without a transplant up to 10 years.

Aquilegia. Easy to care for perennial, it decorates the site from May to early September. Bell bells in bloom with pink petals on the outside and very white on the inside. When they fade, the ornamentality is transferred to the leaves - they turn purple.

A climbing rose. Its shoots are similar to shaving, it grows on a rigid support. Gives aesthetic pleasure and aroma in June, July. The flowers - purple, pink, yellow, white with fluffy terry inflorescences cover a large part of the branch.

The most beautiful annual flowers

Decorating the flower bed every year in a new way will help the most beautiful annual flowers for the garden:

  1. Viola (pansies). Exquisitely low flower (15-20 cm) with a great variety of colors, blooms from June to the first snow. The corollas have smooth or wavy edges of petals, the most common coloring is purple with a yellow center.

The Lavater. Effectively blooms pink or milky gramophones. The plant is sown in April, grows rapidly and reaches the long bottom, unpretentious to the ground.

Zinnia. It has many varieties, the flowers are terry, similar to dahlias, pompoms, up to 12 cm in diameter.Color: from white and sandy to crimson, lilac and variegated. From seedlings, zinnia begins to bloom in spring.

The most beautiful wildflowers in the world

Florist lovers love the most beautiful wildflowers in the world:

    Delphinium. A bright bush can grow up to 2m in height. The flower of the delphinium is simple with 5 petals, formed in a panicle (3-15 pieces) or pyramidal inflorescence (50-80 pieces). Most of the species have blue or purple colors.

Buttercup. It is called the rose of the fields, it is a perennial plant up to 65 cm tall, has flowers up to 10 cm in diameter simple, double or dense colors - purple, white, salmon, pink, yellow, except cornflower blue and blue.

Wild carnation The plant has a height between 15 and 75 cm, the small flowers are composed of 5 petals with a toothed outer edge in the shape of asterisks, collected in luxuriant umbellate inflorescences. The color of the corolla is crimson, burgundy, pink, white, there are two-colored specimens.

The most beautiful water flowers

There are the most beautiful flowers in the world, constantly located in the thickness of the water and blooming on the surface of the basin:

    Lotus. The most beautiful reservoir flower in the world - has large fragrant flowers with 22-30 petals to 30 cm in diameter, collected in several rows, and leaves up to 70 cm large, raised above the body of water. Most of the species are endowed with pink, yellow, milky colors, the buds bloom in the sun, close at night.

Water lily This is a water lily with flowers up to 20 cm in diameter, with numerous white petals and yellow stamens. It blooms from late June to early September. The water lilies give off a faint, delicate aroma, flowers and leaves float on the water level.

Eichornia (water hyacinth). Culture with dark green waxy leaves, its roots hanging in the water, the plant migrates along the pond. In summer, the eichornia raises the flower point with a spicata inflorescence of 5-12 flowers. They are large, purple-blue, in the center of the upper petal there is a dark yellow spot. The height of the flowers above the water is 30 cm, the flowering period is August, September.

What is the most beautiful flower in the world?

What plants can be called the most beautiful flower on Earth:

    Orchid. Long-flowered plant, it is considered the most beautiful flower in the world. Orchid is a little whimsical, but you can find an approach. Wonderful flowers are gathered in inflorescences from strongly pronounced petals and "lips". Colors: from snow white to all shades of lilac, pink, blue, purple.

Cane. A herbaceous plant with large leaves reaches a height of 2.5 m.In summer, massive stems are decorated with asymmetrical tubular reed flowers, 4-8 cm in diameter - yellow, orange or purple tones collected in spicate inflorescences. They resemble gladioli or orchids, bloom from July to frost.

Hydrangea. It blooms from spring until late autumn. Flower hydrangeas are formed in huge inflorescences in the form of a ball of 20-25 cm, the color range is white, cream, pink, dark purple, cornflower blue, purple. Varieties of artisanal and tree hydrangea reach a height of 1-3 m.

Toad lily (Tricyrtis hirta) close up - Stock Photo

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- martagon'Album' #

-various cultivated #















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- viridiflorus x jonquilla #

- caerulea #

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Sisyrinchium #

- lutea #

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