Information About Black Medic

Information About Black Medic

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Black Medic In Gardens – Tips For Growing Black Medic Herbs

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Black medic was originally introduced to North America from Europe and Asia many years ago for agricultural purposes. Although black medic is considered a common weed today, it does have certain herbal uses. Click here to learn more about this interesting herb.

Getting Rid of Black Medic Weed?

How can I kill it in my lawn as it's overtaking it?

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Isn't that stuff awful! It can really take over. If you use something like a granular Weed and Feed, it will fertilize the grass and kill the broadleaf weeds in the lawn. There are also sprays that will only kill weeds, not the lawn. Find them in a garden center. I've been spraying weeds using plain old vinegar with a squirt of dish soap, but it does kill the grass around the weed so you might not want to use it in conspicuous areas.

I,ve been successful with following: If the Black Medic is in sparse grass (not within dense grass), spend a little time pulling these noxious weeds out, preferably before the weeds has flowered. My method (which seems to work), first moisten soil, gather stems into a clump and pull out. Their root system is shallow so they pull out easily. Thoroughly look for stray sprouts around clump pulled out and likewise pull them out. Because the root system is shallow, I've successfully used a small spade to dig out the roof mass of this week, and then spread some potting soil into area of removed dirt.

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Tips & Information about Black Medic - garden

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