Poinsettia - Euphorbiaceae - How to Care, Grow and Bloom Poinsettia Plants

 Poinsettia - Euphorbiaceae - How to Care, Grow and Bloom Poinsettia Plants



(Euphorbia pulcherrima)

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Reflection on the
Crown of the Incas or Papagayo
Euphorbia pulcherrima Willldenow

I walk through the streets of Santiago de Chile, now in June and I meet some trees of more than 4 meters in height with flowering red branches that belong to the plant we call "Christmas Rose" or "Rosa de Navidad", although here it blooms in a date far from December 31st.

Then, it would no longer be correct to recognize a South American name since this tree finds its original climate in these places (Mexico, Venezuela and Chile, etc.). Undoubtedly, he has also acclimatized in the Mediterranean islands as in Sardinia, but it is another story.

In Chile there are 35 species of Euphorbiaceae, but the name of this plant has a particularity "Inca crown" and does not speak of the Hollywood operation of creating in the collective imagination a Santa Claus dressed in red and a beautiful red flower for company. This marketing operation took place and the television studio where actor Bob Hope was doing his Christmas show was decorated with several thousand "Christmas roses".

Now I wonder if today it would not be a recognition due to this Mexican plant to call it with the name "crown or flower of the Inca" in homage to its pre-Columbine origin and that this last name is just as important for humanity as that of "Poinsettia ”Which gave her the first US ambassador to Mexico Joel Robert Poinsett, once introduced in the EE.UU. in 1825.

Guido Coppari
Forestry doctor
University of Padua
Master in Protected Areas and Nature Conservation
University of Chile

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