Fitoverm: instructions for use, reviews, how to breed

Fitoverm: instructions for use, reviews, how to breed

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For those who are looking for an effective broad-spectrum agent of biological origin to protect their plants from pests, we invite you to get acquainted with the information about Fitoverm, which has proven itself well both on small personal plots and in agriculture. Fitoverm produced by OOO NPTs Farmbiomed is simply a champion among insecticides, so let's talk about it in more detail.

Appointment Fitoverma

Fitoverm is a broad-spectrum enteric-contact insectoacaricide that destroys more than twenty species of pests, including the Colorado potato beetle, cabbage and turnip whiteworms, cabbage scoops, various ticks, apple blossom beetle and moth, all types of aphids, thrips, potato and ermine moths, sea buckthorn fly , gall nematodes, moth miner, apple miner moth, upper-sided miner moth, gray beet and raspberry-strawberry weevils, moths, leafworms, whiteflies, potato ladybug and other enemies of plants.

Fitoverm is used on cereals, strawberries, cabbage, potatoes, nightshade plants, raspberries, cucumbers, roses, sugar beets, currants, apples, hops, flowers and other crops.

Action Fitoverma

The active component of the drug is aversectin C, a waste product of the soil fungus Stereptomyces avermitilis. Fitoverm, getting into the digestive system, paralyzes the nervous system of pests, and after 2-3 days their death occurs. The beginning of exposure from the moment of treatment - after 6-8 hours in a protected field and after 8-16 hours in the open field. The maximum effect is achieved on the 5-7th day. In the soil, the active substance decomposes into non-toxic compounds within 48 hours.

Observations have shown that Fitoverm on shrubs and fruit trees reduces the number of harmful insects by 94-100%, and ticks by 96-100%. When processed in hot weather, the preparation, unlike other remedies, does not burn plant leaves. Fitoverm achieves optimum efficiency at temperatures from 15 to 25 ºC. It does not pollute the environment and quickly decomposes not only in soil, but also in water. The waiting period from the moment of processing to harvesting the fruits is no more than three days.

Plants of protected ground from ticks should preferably be treated with Fitoverm three times. After the first spraying, most of the females and nymphs of the tick die. The second spray is carried out a week after the first, and the third - 2 weeks after the second. Within a month, all females, larvae and eggs of the tick die. The protective effect of Fitoverma lasts up to 3 weeks. To prevent the emergence of resistance, it is advisable to alternate Fitoverm with acaricides and insecticides of other chemical groups.

Cesar, Zephyr, Abak, Vertimek, Aktofit and Gaupsin are analogs of the drug to one degree or another.

Fitoverma advantages:

  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of application three days before harvest;
  • increased efficiency at high temperatures;
  • relative harmlessness to the environment;
  • lack of phytotoxicity;
  • rapid decomposition in water and soil;
  • long-term protective effect.

Instructions for use Fitoverma

The drug is available in ampoules of 2, 4, 5 ml, in vials of 20, 50 and 100 ml, as well as in cans of 1 and 5 liters. It is necessary to prepare a working solution immediately before use. Pour 1-2 liters of water into a bucket, open an ampoule or bottle, measure and pour into the bucket the dose of the drug necessary to prepare 10 liters of solution, stir thoroughly, and then, while stirring, bring the solution to the required volume with water.

It is necessary to spray the plants in calm and clear weather in the morning, before 10 o'clock, or in the evening, after 18 o'clock. Do not process plants if precipitation is expected within 6 hours after treatment. The leaves must be thoroughly moistened with a solution on both sides. In the absence of precipitation, the drug continues to act from one to three weeks. If it rains, the effect of the drug is greatly reduced.

CulturePestConsumption of the drug (per 1 liter of water)Solution consumptionTime of processingNumber of treatments / waiting period
Apple treeMite, leafworm, moth1.5 ml2-5 l / 1 treeGrowing season2/2
Apple treeScoops and codling moths2 ml2-5 l / 1 treeGrowing season1/2
CurrantLeaf rollers, moths1.5 ml1 l / 1 bushGrowing season2/2
CurrantMites2 ml1 l / 1 bushGrowing season2/2
PotatoesColorado beetle1 ml5 l / 100 m2Growing season1-3/1
CabbageCabbage white and scoop, turnip white1 ml4 l / 100 m2Growing season1-2/1
Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants (protected ground)Aphid4-6 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season2-3/2
Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants (protected ground)Thrips10 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season2-3/3
Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants (protected ground)Spider mite1 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season2/2
HouseplantsAphid8 ml0.1-0.5 l / 1 m2When pests appear2-4/2
HouseplantsThrips10 ml0.1-0.5 l / 1 m2When pests appear2-4/2
HouseplantsSpider mite2 ml0.1-0.5 l / 1 m2When pests appear2-4/2
Flowers (protected ground)Thrips8 ml10 l / 100 m2Flowering period2-3/2
Flowers (protected ground)Aphid4 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season2-3/2
Flowers (protected ground)Spider mite2 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season2-3/2
Flowers (open ground)Thrips10 ml10 l / 100 m2When pests appear2-4/2
Flowers (open ground)Aphid8 ml10 l / 100 m2When pests appear2-4/2
Flowers (open ground)Spider mite2 ml10 l / 100 m2When pests appear2-4/2


Fitoverm should not be mixed or used simultaneously with drugs that have an alkaline reaction. Flakes or sediment that appear after mixing is a sign of drug incompatibility. Fitoverm is compatible with growth regulators, fertilizers, perterroid and organophosphate insecticides.


Fitoverm is a moderately toxic substance belonging to the 3rd hazard class. It is impossible to process plants during the flowering period, since the drug, although to an insignificant extent, is still dangerous for bees. Getting Fitoverm into water bodies is also extremely undesirable, despite the fact that it quickly collapses in soil and water. Fitoverm is not phytotoxic.


  • It is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke while working with the drug.
  • It is obligatory to use safety glasses, overalls, gloves and a respirator.
  • At the end of spraying, wash your face and hands with soapy water, rinse your mouth with clean water.

If you spill the drug, fill this place with some kind of sorbent: sawdust, sand, peat or granular clay, then collect the sorbent and neutralize it with a 5% alkaline solution.

The container from the drug should not be thrown into landfills or water bodies. Under no circumstances use the emptied container: it must be burned in a specially designated place, trying not to inhale the smoke.

First aid

The recommendations below are intended only for FIRST aid, after which you should immediately consult a doctor and follow his instructions! DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF!

  • If the drug gets into the eyes, rinse them with plenty of running water, trying to keep them open.
  • If Fitoverm gets on the skin, wash it off with plenty of soapy water.
  • If the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight, drink 3-4 glasses of water and induce vomiting.
  • There is no antidote for Fitoverm, therefore, the symptoms of poisoning are eliminated during treatment. If you feel unwell, see your doctor or poison control counselor.

Storage Fitoverma

The drug is stored at temperatures from -15 to +30 degrees in a dry room. Do not keep Fitoverm near drinking water, food and drugs. Animals and children should not have access to Fitoverm. It is forbidden to store the working solution: only freshly prepared composition can be used for spraying.


Maria: the drug is relatively safe, does not knock down the smell, but requires several treatments. I used it on roses and was satisfied.

Marina: I was bribed by the fact that Fitoverm has a biological origin. In addition, it has an affordable price, it dissolves well in water and does not stink very much (excuse me). I also liked the fact that the ampoules are not glass (I usually cut my hands with them), but plastic. Well, I liked the effect: not lightning fast, but reliable.

Agasha: This is not the first time I have encountered spider mites on indoor plants, so I know a lot about preparations. I bought Fitoverm because it is relatively safe for the environment. I had to spray the plants twice, but I did not expect a quick result: I also processed Aktellikom twice. The second treatment is a control shot. I heard that they complain about the smell of Fitoverm. People, you probably haven't sniffed other drugs!

Sergey: this drug is relatively harmless to the environment, therefore, probably, its effectiveness in the fight against parasites is very relative. I treated with Fitoverm currants from aphids, but the result was more than modest. I had to act with the proven Kinmix. Maybe I was in a hurry, and it was necessary to wait ...

Anatoly: used Fitoverm against spider mites on cucumbers in a greenhouse. After processing, he closed the greenhouse and entered it only the next morning. The leaves of the cucumbers, which were withered, rose slightly, and two days later their turgor was completely restored. To be on the safe side, I re-processed it. Since then, ticks have not appeared.

Official website and manufacturer's recommendations:


  1. Pesticide Information
  2. Insecticide Information
  3. Plant Pest Information

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When and how to process plants with Fitoverm in the garden and in the garden: instructions and reviews

To ensure the full growth of plants, regular feeding alone will not be enough, since there is also such a problem as all kinds of pests. Ticks, thrips, slugs, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, centipedes - you certainly can't get enough poison for every parasite, so gardeners and summer residents have to look for universal drugs that can inflict a fatal blow on any harmful insects.

Operating principle

Fitoverm is a biological active insecticide for the treatment of agricultural and fruit crops, indoor plants. A chemical substance in its composition called aversectin has a directed contact-intestinal effect on insects. When a pest enters the body, it causes a strong nerve effect, and also leads to disruption of digestion and metabolic processes. After entering the body of an insect, the phytoverm begins to act after 6-15 hours, depending on the type of pest, leading to death in 2-3 days from exhaustion. This material will tell you about large-fruited varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses.

Be sure to re-sprinkle the bush with Fitoverm, since the drug does not destroy insect eggs.

Composition and form of release

Fitoverm is a liquid pest control agent. The manufacturer offers several types of packaging for processing large and small planting volumes: ampoules of 2 and 4 ml insectoacaricide and canisters (1 liter) for use in agriculture.

For a summer residence, a garden, a vegetable garden, spraying indoor flowers, ampoules with a small volume of the drug are enough, on the basis of which a working solution is prepared: add about 10 liters of water.

The active ingredient is agrosmectin C, in 1 liter the concentration reaches 2 g. Asvermectin complex based on the useful soil fungus Stereptomyces avermitilis causes paralysis and further death of parasitic insects and ticks.

Fitoverm: instructions for use for plants

The use of pesticides against dangerous insects is not always acceptable. Therefore, for spraying the aboveground part of plants in the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouse and in the house, they use biological products, which include Fitoverm.

The agent has a contact and intestinal effect on adult insects, caterpillars and larvae. It is used indoors and in open backyards.

The preparation is based on the active substance - aversectin (2 g / l), as a metabolic product of the soil fungus Streptomyces. Getting on the body of an insect or in the stomach with food, the substance is absorbed into the tissue and paralyzes the nervous system.

The insect does not die immediately, but it fails to survive. According to the level of danger to humans and animals, the biological product belongs to the 3rd class (moderately hazardous). Therefore, the treatment with Fitoverm is carried out at different periods of the plant's growing season.

Manufacturers Fitoverm is produced in ampoules and vials:

  • Fitoverm 4 ml.2 ml is used for treating small plants and areas
  • Fitoverm 5 ml considered the most convenient packaging because it is suitable for one-time processing
  • Fitoverm 10-400 ml (bottle) or 5-liter containers are purchased for spraying on a large scale.

The substance is produced in the form of a liquid emulsion. If the preparation is fresh, the liquid in the ampoules is clear. The ampoules are attached to stickers, and the bottles contain labels with the necessary information (name, date of manufacture, expiration date, etc.).

What are the advantages of the drug

Practice has shown that bioinsecticides have a number of advantages over pesticides and folk remedies.

Fitoverm has its advantages:

  • It is used in the fight against different types of ticks, aphids, flower beetles, apple moth, cabbage whites and other dangerous insects
  • Almost completely destroys ticks on apple trees and black currant bushes
  • Does not accumulate in soil and water, decomposing into safe crystals after 1-3 days
  • Does not lose properties at elevated air temperatures
  • For plants in closed ground, exposure time is 6-8 hours, in open areas - 8-16 hours
  • Not dangerous for humans, animals
  • Phytotoxic properties are not observed.

Experts do not recommend mixing the drug with other active substances. If you use Fitoverm correctly, you will not need other drugs.

Cons of Fitoverma

The use of a broad-acting insecticide showed that the drug has some disadvantages:

  • It flows quickly over the leaves and stems of the plant, therefore requires the addition of an adhesive
  • Application in rainy weather dramatically reduces performance
  • For the complete destruction of pests, re-treatment and additional costs will be required.
  • The active substance of biological origin is incompatible with chemical preparations
  • During the flowering of plants, bees may die from the drug
  • When the ampoule is opened, it emits a pungent unpleasant odor that stays in the air for a long time.

With all the disadvantages, Fitoverm showed almost 100% destruction of ticks, thrips and aphids within 7 days.

When to process plants

Biological substances that are part of Fitoverm do not accumulate in the plant, fruits, environment. Therefore, the treatment can be carried out throughout the growing season, when there is a threat of pest attacks.

The prepared solution is sprayed on the plant, trying to choose a cloudy day or in the evening. The efficiency of processing increases at temperatures from +18 0 С.

Open areas are treated in dry, calm weather, so that each drop of insectoacaricide gets to its intended purpose.The biological product is reused after 7-10 days in order to completely destroy the pest population.

How to dilute the drug

Convenient packaging Fitoverma simplifies the preparation of the working solution. You can immediately purchase ampoules with the required volume of liquid and make a solution according to the rules:

  • Open an ampoule or vial, protecting hands and mucous membranes with gloves, a respirator, glasses
  • Pour the liquid into the right amount of water, mix thoroughly
  • Pour the solution into the sprayer just before use.

It is not recommended to store the solution for more than a day. The active substance aversectin C loses its properties and the insect continues to harm the plant.

Different types of plants are treated with Fitoverm solution in the prescribed concentration:

What pests For which plants Consumption rates Period and number of sprays
From aphids For indoor plants 2 ml for 250 ml of water 4 p. when pests appear
On vegetable crops 8 ml for 1 liter of water 2-3 p. during the growing season
For roses 4 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
Ticks For flowers 10 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. when dangerous enemies appear
For strawberries 2 ml for 1 liter of water 4 p. in season
For currants 2 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
For cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes 10 ml for 1 liter of water 2 - 3 p. in season
For cabbage scoop and cabbage moth For cabbage 4 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
From thrips For garden flowers 8 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. during the growing season and after flowering
For indoor flowers 2 ml for 200 ml of water 4 p. when insects appear
On cucumbers 10 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
For tomatoes 10 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
From apple moth and scoop On fruit trees and bushes 2 ml for 1 liter of water 1 p. during the growing season
For raspberries 2 ml for 1 liter of water 2 p. in season
Colorado potato beetle On potatoes 1 ml for 1 liter of water 2-3 p. in season

The preparation applied to the plant under certain weather conditions retains its properties for up to 2 weeks. It is used only when pests appear; prophylactic treatment of plants is not carried out.

The concentration of the drug in the solution is done strictly according to the instructions so that the plants do not suffer.

User reviews of Fitoverm biopreparation indicate that the product is effective, safe, made in convenient packaging, and easily dissolves in water. With its help, garden, vegetable crops and indoor plants are reliably protected from leaf-eating and sucking insects.

Fitoverm instruction

Fitoverm is an insectoacaricide (an agent used against insects and ticks) of biological origin. A substance that has a detrimental effect on insects is Aversectin C, the form of production is an emulsion concentrate. It was created in the Russian company "Pharmbiomedservice" and is available in several varieties:

  1. 0.2% - used in open ground and greenhouses for processing a vegetable garden, as well as planting potatoes, garden and indoor flowers, if the number of insects is insignificant
  2. 1% - contains 10 g of active ingredient per 1 liter of emulsion, usually used on large areas
  3. 5% - contains the highest concentration of the active substance and therefore the consumption of the drug is minimal without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment
  4. Fitoverm M - for greenhouses and hotbeds, contains in its composition a special substance that allows you to reduce the consumption of the drug.

Fitoverm is used if such pests have appeared in the garden:

  1. mites (including spider mites)
  2. aphids including green rosacea
  3. whitefly butterflies and their caterpillars
  4. sawfly larvae
  5. sea ​​buckthorn fly and its larvae
  6. colorado beetles
  7. cabbage scoop butterfly and its larvae
  8. caterpillars
  9. apple moth
  10. thrips.


Fitoverm is a common drug that can be purchased in most stores where there are departments with household chemicals or intended for gardeners. If it is not possible to buy the drug in this way, you can place an order via the Internet.

The cost of the drug depends not only on the place and method of making a purchase, but also on the volume of the ampoule.

The approximate prices are shown below:

  1. Ampoule with a volume of 2 ml costs about 15 rubles .
  2. Ampoule with a volume of 4 ml costs about 25 rubles .
  3. Ampoule with a volume of 10 ml costs about 70 rubles.

What indoor plants are they used for?

Fitoverm is used to kill insects and ticks that harm violets, orchids, balsam and many other indoor plants. This universal remedy is most effective when thoroughly processing the entire plant, including the lower surfaces of leaves, buds, buds.

The emulsion is colorless and odorless, but after spraying, the solution can leave shiny or dull streaks on the plants. Violets are placed for a while in an unlit place so that the drops of the solution dry. Other flowers can be rinsed with water a few days after spraying.

Re-processing is recommended after 4 days. With a strong infection of plants with dense leaves, 4 sprays may be required with an interval of 4–5 days between them.

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